Podcast Episodes 13-25

In this episode, I got the chance to spend some time speaking with Dr Ron Kaminer.

Dr. Ron Kaminer is an internationally known educator, traveling the world lecturing on dental laser technology.  He brings to each of his programs a comprehensive knowledge of the most cutting edge technologies in the dental market.

Dr. Ron Kaminer is a 1990 graduate from SUNY at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine. He maintains two practices, one in Hewlett, NY and one in Oceanside, NY. Dr. Kaminer is an international expert in the field of dental lasers and has lectured on lasers and minimally invasive dentistry both nationally and internationally. He is the Director of the Masters of Laser training program in New York and is a clinical instructor with the International College of Laser Education.

He evaluates new dental materials for the Catapult Group and sits on the advisory boards and is a clinical consultant for numerous dental manufacturers. He has authored numerous articles on dental lasers and minimally invasive dentistry, is a frequent contributor to _Mentor _magazine and is an associate editor for Dental Product Shopper. He is a member of the Academy of Laser Dentistry, Academy of General Dentistry, International College of Facial Esthetic, and American Dental Association.

He lives in Hewlett, NY with his wife and three children.


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It is AMD LASERS’ mission to equip every operatory in every dental practice around the world with the Picasso line of affordable, high-quality, and innovatively designed dental lasers. Our company is solidly committed to research and development in a combined effort to seek out the talent and technology to continue providing revolutionary dental lasers at affordable pricepoints.


AMD LASERS has the ability to offer both sales and service support for its innovative product line as well as an accurate and expedient response time – all at exceptionally affordable pricepoints. A savvy team of professionals with the technical expertise and global foundation to serve a world-wide market, coupled with a leader with the vision, drive and expertise to successfully lead the company to the next level, clearly sets us apart in the dental laser industry. For a number of years, other laser companies have over-charged for their diode lasers. AMD LASERS’ Picasso product line retails at a fair price, not overcharging dentists like other manufacturers. We have designed high quality dental diode lasers that are meant to be placed in every operatory.

  • Yours truly, Alan Miller, CEO and Founder of AMD LASERS


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