Podcast Episodes 13-25

Jill Obrochta is the Founder at Dental Enhancements and a OSHA & HIPPA Training Specialist.

Jill also provided a special discount on their services for those who listened to the podcast…check it out!!

Learn more at www.dentalenhancements.com


We are passionate about the continued expansion of the dental profession. We take pride and pleasure from meeting new dental professionals and working to support our great profession.

Dental Enhancements has been providing seminars and workshops to dental practitioners since 1994.


Enhancing the Dental Profession One Office at a Time Dental Enhancements is dedicated to the continued growth and prosperity of dental professionals. Our mission is to help our clients distinctively develop unique trademark-type dental practices.

We believe that …

the workplace should be a purposefully developed environment that uniquely depicts a team’s professional philosophies.

We believe that …

the work environment should be a safe haven for communication that recognizes and promotes the employee who wants to excel in dentistry, exceptional guest service, and consistent respect for all team members.

We believe that …

every dental office has within it, a unique blend of talent, distinctiveness, charisma, and dedication to a specific professional doctrine, that can offer a target-audience in the community a very special dental experience.

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