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Why The Digital Tradeshow?

The Digital Tradeshow Dental is a new way for Dental Professionals to learn and get discounts on products and services.

As more and more people in the industry are turning to technology, we wanted to create a place where they accomplish the very same things they traditionally did when they attended a tradeshow. The trade show specials provided to dental professionals have traditionally been very valuable and we want to help maintain that connection between the companies and the professionals.

The Digital Tradeshow Dental Podcast, hosted by John Stamper was created so you can develop a better understanding of the individuals and companies behind the products and services that are being marketed to you every day. Each podcast is rich in content provided directly from the mouth of the creator or executive at the company, and new podcasts are added regularly.

And that’s where the Digital Tradeshow Dental comes in. We empower you to save hundreds and even thousands of dollars while connecting you with companies offering exclusive discounts on their products and services, lowering your over-head, taking your practice to the next level. Our VIP members will instantly find themselves saving enough to offset the costs of membership, making the membership fee a non-issue and retention a virtual certainty.

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